Cream Filling

Cream / Liquid - Linear LF-5000

The Master Seal Model Linear LF-5000 is a single/Dual head Automatic fill system that’s modular design allows for high speed filling of difficult product and containers that may require, bottom up filling, compression filling, vibration, fill-by-weight, Bulk and dribble, Multiple product filling, etc.

Both low- and high-viscosity liquids may contain particles of food (e.g. fruit pulps, sauces and pickles) and these are more difficult to fill because simple liquid fillers described above may become blocked by particles. For manual filling, a wide-mouthed stainless steel or plastic funnel is more suitable, and products can be pushed through the funnel using a plastic plunger. Filling machines for high-viscosity liquids and liquids that have particles use servo pumps. Each filling nozzle has a dedicated servo-controlled positive displacement pump, but the capital cost of this equipment is high compared to other types of filler.

Sealed glass jars or metal cans that are used for bottled or canned foods are not filled completely. A ‘headspace’ is needed above the food to form a vacuum when it cools. When filling solid foods or pastes, it is necessary to prevent air from becoming trapped in the product, which would reduce the headspace vacuum. Viscous sauces or gravies are therefore filled before solid pieces of food. This is less important with dilute brines or syrups, as air is able to escape more easily before sealing (see also Technical Briefs: Packaging Foods in Glass and Canning of Foods).

After fill, it is very necessary to seal immediately with plastic and glass containers include metal or plastic caps and lids, and foil, plastic or paper covers. It is not possible in this Technical Brief to describe each of these closures in detail. In practice the selection of a package and closure depends mostly on their local availability and relative cost. The choice of packaging may therefore be a compromise between what is required and what is available/ affordable.