Band Sealer


CS-002 PP-Pouch sealer up to 2kgs

The quality of automatic band sealing machines is of rugged construction yet easy to operate and no maintenance is required. The same machine is also use as Horizontal and Vertical type and foot standup type. Air suction system being able to keeping the packed products fresh, displaying, storing for a long period of time by sucking out the inner air of the bags. We can supply gas/Nitrogen purge / filling attachment on any type of sealing and filling machines.

Band sealers are suitable for sealing individual pouches/bag automatic. The machine has a variable temperature controller and speed control, to suit different grades of plastic material.

Voltage: 230 volt/50/ 60~ Hz
Power: 600W + 500W
Speed: 4200 mm/min max
Sealing width: 2 to 6mm
Temp range: Up to 300ºC
Weight: 38 kgs
Teflon Belt size: 12 x 665mm
Conveyor belt: 175 x 1575
Weight handling: 1000 grams max.
Size: 900 x 350 x 500mm

(Gas Purge system available on all sealers)

Product Categories


  • Bags for food, confectionery, powders, cakes, candles, seeds, grains, sweet and wet substances.
  • Packing for mechanical parts, screw bolts, tools electronic and electrical components, toys etc.
  • Sterilized pouches for medical instruments, pathological samples, sanitary packaging, packaging of pharmaceuticals and drugs.