Granule Filling

Granule Filler N-1000 Double Head

The Granule filling machine Model N- 1000 is single hopper with twin head / twin discharge chute controlled by vibratory feeder. The net weighed is customized to meet your packaging demands. In this model you will receive a scale system to best handle your products, providing the optimum speed and accuracy. You can weigh 100 grams to 500 grams of free flowing products.

Final results determined by product density and flow characteristics. We invite you to send samples for free testing and results.

Product Categories


    These machines suitable for filling all types of granular materials
  • such as seeds, cereals, grains, cashew-nuts, betel-nuts, etc.
  • tea, granulated pesticides, plastic granules, extruded
  • Being net weight filler, it can fill into any type of pouch or rigid container.