Liquid Filling

Liquid Filler Volumetric LF-5L

Drum liquid filling machine

(automatic) accurate refilling for continuous and precise dosing.

Fully automatic refilling-stations, when used as part of a completely automated manufacturing process, ensure material-specific preparation, homogenous consistency and a continuous supply of material all with greater operating convenience and increased working and functional reliability. This means that production downtimes are now a thing of the past.

Because no one really likes getting their hands dirty:

The automatic refilling-station fills the operating tanks of the dosing units directly from a barrel or other container without causing exposure to any contaminant or other hazardous substance. The device is controlled from the dosing unit, with monitoring provided by level-detection sensors located inside the operating tanks. Filling mechanisms with programmable shutter speeds and timer-switch functions are used for producing consistently homogenous reactive materials. All refilling-station units can be fitted (optional) agitator elements to suit the handled material. The system can also easily be added to any mixing and dosing production plant. For additional operating convenience, working consistency and functional reliability, we can also offer refilling-station units with an automatic platform lifting mechanism.

Application: Pesticide, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, foodstuff and other light industries.