Augur/Powder Filling


Auger Dozer 50E

Vertical Details

The Model AU-50e Auger Filling Machine is the latest development from Lucas Electronics. The innovative design and improved (Optional) PLC-based controls make it an affordable, reliable, Auger filler with the same rugged construction and dependable service which Lucas Electronics is renowned. The Model AU-50e is Lucas Electronics answer to your “back to simplicity” filling need. Low cost, quick delivery, and extremely easy to operate – the Model AU-50e can provide you with automated filling at“bare-bones” expenditure.

  • High Performance Clutch/Brake
  • Control with Encoder/counter and
  • Coast Compensation Universal Filling
  • Accessories 2-Speed Fill Motor Drive
  • System Rugged Head Casting and Sturdy
  • Base Quick and Easy Hopper and Filling
  • Accessory Removal Fully Enclosed Agitation
  • Drive One-Piece Stainless Steel Head
  • Cover and Stainless Steel Contact Parts

Product Categories


  • Detergent powder, Pharmaceutical Powder
  • Talcum Powder, Mehndi, Curry Powder, etc