Augur/Powder Filling


Auger Filler AU-1000 Linear

The Model AU-1000 is an economical solution to your filling production line requirements. It consists of the industry-proven Filling Head, an independent motorized chain conveyor mounted on a sturdy, stable frame base, and all necessary accessories to reliably move and position containers for filling, dispense the required amount of product, and then quickly move the filled containers away to other equipment in your line (e.g., cappers, labelers, etc.). Microprocessor-based control system provides precise selection and adjustment of fill amounts and machine functioning.


  • Reliable Shaft Encoder & Clutch/Brake control of auger revolutions for repeatable, accurate dispensing Filling by Auger Revolution Count or Time Controller Diagnostics and Self-Testing for easy fault notification and identification Valuable Status and Production totals available directly from Control Panel Stainless steel product contact parts 2-Speed drive system
  • Solid-State Clutch/Brake control for accurate, repeatable auger control and coast compensation
  • Interchangeable tooling for free flow, non-free flow, and liquid products
  • Variable speed conveyor motor to easily match operating speeds of ancillary equipment
  • "No Container/No Fill" switch prevents spillage and product waste due to missing or damaged containers
  • Pneumatically-operated container indexing air cylinders provide coordinated and controlled container positioning and movement
  • Adjustable conveyor guide rails to handle up to 7" wide containers
  • Mechanical Jack to raise & lower column for different container heights

Filling Accuracy:
The digital servo motor provides shaft resolution of 1/5000 per revolution. This precise control means the auger is consistent, each time, every time, providing fill accuracies of 0.25%.

Smart Agitator Technology:
Extends agitator life by shutting the agitator off after prolonged periods when filling is not being performed. Then, when filling starts again, the agitator is switched on. Technical drawings, dimensions & specifications for specific models are available.

Self Centering Funnel:
significantly improves changeover and cleaning times as well as provides more consistent product flow. The self centered funnel is always properly aligned with the auger and requires no adjustments.

Product Categories


  • Detergent powder, Pharmaceutical Powder
  • Talcum Powder, Mehndi, Curry Powder, etc