Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping LE-300

Roller conveyor tunnel systems:
The most suitable shrink tunnel conveyor for use with display polyolefin shrink films such as PVC and Polyolefin is a roller conveyor system.  This allows maximum air flow to the underside of the pack, providing high quality, consistent results. With the roller conveyor packaging system, the shrink tunnel conveyor rollers also rotate to transfer the product along the conveyor. This means that the pack actually travels faster than the shrink tunnel conveyor itself.

It also means that no single part of the underside of the pack is in constant contact with the shrink tunnel belt and therefore no markings are left on the underside of the pack. This is important for many display shrink wrapping applications and provides a clear advantage over cheaper, mesh belt systems.

High speed shrinks tunnels:
For applications where shrink wrapping speeds in excess of 50 packs per minute are required, we provide a range of double chamber shrink tunnels, with two independently controlled chambers.

Stainless steel shrinks wrap tunnels
The speed of the shrink tunnel conveyor is variable on all models. This enables you to set the shrink tunnel speed to meet the specific production rate required, resulting in optimum shrink wrapped pack presentation.

We offer in stainless steel model for applications such as the food or dairy industry where extremely high levels of hygiene are demanded.

Special Offer - We offer Twin Tunnel system and can make customised jumbo tunnels too

Product Categories

Use Shrink-wrapping when

  • you require a tight, transparent (scratch-safe) over wrap for perfect presentation
  • products need to be wrapped together in a tight package
  • you want to apply shrink bands for increasing food safety