Shrink Wrapping


Shrink Chamber with ?L? sealer - LE-CH-500

Benefits of all our semi-automatic L sealer included
The Shrink Chamber with ?L? sealer is having Impulse wire sealing system for easy maintenance and consistently strong seals, Heavy duty build quality, to provide years of consistent production, Available in a variety of frame sizes, A powered film feed as standard, making it much easier and faster for operators, The availability of an automatic pneumatic cycle of the sealing head to increase speeds. The semi-automatic L sealers can be supplied with a special polythene blade sealing system. This additional feature offers extremely strong polythene 'fin' seals, so pack presentation is not compromised.

This Protection against dust, dirt, moisture and other harmful environmental conditions drastic reduction in costs. It is estimated that shrink film is a third of the cost of paperboard our packaging systems use clear or print-registered film to improve a product's marketability. Not only can a customer see a product through the shrink film, but a company's marketing message, slogan or logo can be printed directly on the shrink film, creating eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing packages for retail display.