Shrink Wrapping


Shrink Chamber with Web Sealer

Lucas Electronics offers shrinking and sealing in one easy step by eliminating the need for a separate ?L? bar sealer and tunnel. One-step shrink-wrap systems consume less energy than tunnel and bar sealer systems, making these low cost systems affordable with a quick return on investment.

Although fully automatic sleeve wrappers are more popular ? as they allow increased productivity, we also supply manual and semi automatic sleeve sealers to cater for all needs. Lucas Electronics is continuously developing machines for packaging Industry and we offer other equipment and materials solutions on a wide range of products from simple manual compact shrink wrap machines to high speed fully automatic shrink wrappers.  Shrink wrapping machinery and all our equipment comes with our full technical back up including telephone advice, spares and service backup.

Our packaging systems are renowned for their structural integrity and flexibility. Each machine offers around-the-clock reliability in all industrial environments. Designed to meet your specifications, our systems meet the highest safety standards; boast a variety of user-friendly features including gentle product handling and quick product changeover capability. Each machine is manufactured with the highest quality materials to guarantee durability and precision.