Vacuum Nitrogen Sealer

Salient features

Machine designed to remove atmospheric impurities by pumping out the air completely during packaging. The system of nitrogen gas flushing to preserve edible stuff from contamination by germs and bacteria Internal electronic components protected thoroughly from internal sparking and dust contamination Vacuum and flushing processes can be done simultaneously or individually before sealing.

Select the right vacuum packaging machine for your application.

Lucas Electronics is a leading manufacturer of top-quality special vacuum packaging machines – offers an extremely wide product range spanning more than 25 different vacuum packaging machines. The standard models of manual table-top machine to stand-alone appliances through to fully-automated tray sealer, Standup models are packaging of large batch quantities – the ideal solution for every application and Vertical models are suitable for heavy duty in large applications. All machines are extremely easy to operate, excellently made and a great value for money. What’s more, a host of options are available for all machines and customized solutions can be provided upon request and consultation. Semi and fully-automated machines are climbing higher output, for both large and also increasingly for small and medium sized organizations.

We have made Jumbo Vacuum machines up to 400 kg for Reliance Industries Ltd.

We can make any type of Vacuum sealing machine as per customer requirement

Product Categories


    Used to preserve
  • Edibles - dry fruits, grains, pulses
  • Spices, Pickles, oily eatables
  • *medicines, chemicals, hygroscopic powder, spare parts, and materials prone to corrosion due to moisture
* - applicable in LE-008N - Gas Flushing system