Vacuum Nitrogen Sealer


Vacuum Chamber Horizontal VCH 10 up to 2kg


The VCH is completely made of stainless steel and is equipped with a high-performance vacuum pump.

The standards are pneumatic cylinder sealing, automatic lid opening, electrical control, vacuum stop button.

With these standards the operation of the machine is very easy. The Plexiglas lid of the machine is perfect for the packing of soups and sauces as you can monitor the vacuum process perfectly. Your flexibility in height is guaranteed with space plates. According to the different product height you will find the correct adjustment easily.

Technical detail
Chamber size (w x l x h/mm): 250 x 350 x 120
Sealing length (mm): 250
Distance x(y)/(mm): 300
Vacuum pump (cbm/h): 8
Power connection (v/ph/Hz): 230/1/50
Power (kW): 1.2
Maximum bag (mm): 230 x 350
Outer dimension (mm): 320 x 500 x 300
Weight (kg): 90

Product Categories


    Used to preserve
  • Edibles - dry fruits, grains, pulses
  • Spices, Pickles, oily eatables
  • *medicines, chemicals, hygroscopic powder, spare parts, and materials prone to corrosion due to moisture
* - applicable in LE-008N - Gas Flushing system