Vacuum Nitrogen Sealer


Vacuum Sealer Nozzle type V+N 009V

V+N 009V Nozzle type is the special Medical Vacuum Gas Sealer, is designed specifically for vacuum packaging moisture and oxygen sensitive Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices that require precise vacuum and gas level control. The Vacuum Sealer has pneumatically adjustable (upper and lower) Sealing Jaws to handle toughest pouch materials, and offers the user the flexibility of selecting multiple process modes. Vacuum-Seal, Gas-Vacuum-Seal, Seal only, Vacuum-gas-vacuum-seal, and Vacuum-gas-seal.

Technical detail
Sealing length (mm): 1000
Vacuum pump (cbm/h): As the size of pouch
Power connection (v/ph/Hz): 230/1/50
Power (kW): 0.5 + Vacuum pump
Air pressure: 25 to 35 psi
Maximum bag (mm): Any size
Outer dimension (mm): 350 x 700 x 700
Weight (kg): 120

Product Categories


    Used to preserve
  • Edibles - dry fruits, grains, pulses
  • Spices, Pickles, oily eatables
  • *medicines, chemicals, hygroscopic powder, spare parts, and materials prone to corrosion due to moisture