Granule Filling

Granule Filler N-8000 Double Head

Net-Weight /Vibrator /Pre-weigh & Dispense System Double Head
This ?N? Series machine is pre-determined weigh filler, filling the material by mainly two processes. (1)Weighing the material and (2) Discharging the material to the empty Bags. It consists of one hopper made up of stainless steel, Pneumatic control Shutters, (Two number) Load Cell Controller and weigh pan which can operate by Load Cell and a Pneumatic dumping mechanism to discharge the weighed material from the weigh pan.

This system uses a linear vibratory unit to dispense Granule or granulation powder material. It has a simple programmable control unit that can set target weight and tolerance to feed an increment of material. This system is intended to support an automatic operation by automatically dispensing preset weights of material into containers. It can be incorporated into larger automated systems. The system includes the following:

  1. Fills from 1000 gram to - 10kg
  2. Up to 350 x 2 fills per hour per head

Product Categories


    These machines suitable for filling all types of granular materials
  • such as seeds, cereals, grains, cashew-nuts, betel-nuts, etc.
  • tea, granulated pesticides, plastic granules, extruded
  • Being net weight filler, it can fill into any type of pouch or rigid container.